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Our Services

Market Analysis: We use our training, knowledge of the market, and comparable sales to assist you in pricing your home correctly.

Marketing: We use a myriad of sources including the MLS, our website, social media, and our peer relationships to market your home. In addition, we use professional photographers to take great pictures of your home.

Qualified Buyers: We make sure buyers are not just pre-qualified but are pre-approval or conditionally approved to purchase your home. A pre-approved or conditionally approved buyer means that the lender has analyzed their credit report, verified income, or employment. These are key factors to obtaining a mortgage.

Why are my skills unique?

For many years, Dionne Peniston has carried her clients through the complex process of selling and acquiring real estate. Her expertise lies in her ability to ask relevant questions to identify the client’s needs and use her skills to achieve the desired outcomes. Dionne invests her time and efforts into each client and works aggressively to represent their interests. This is what makes her unique.

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